2011: A Year of Uplifting Service

By: Ron Kaufman

Dear Readers, Friends and Colleagues in Uplifting Service,

As we leave 2010 behind and move into a new year shining with promise, I ponder how to make this the best year yet. I believe the key is an unwavering dedication to uplifting service toward others: in relationships, in family, in business, and in the world.

Many sages have shared profound quotes and insights about the purpose and power of service. Some say it is the foundation for a good life. Others call it the rent you must pay for your space upon the Earth. I say that uplifting service is the reason we are here.

Uplifting service can be shared with others in many ways, some as simple as a warm smile, a kind word or just listening carefully to someone else. Service can also be a deeply committed undertaking, demanding the best of our time, intelligence and effort.

What these have in common is the desire to be of service, to add value to someone else; to uplift their spirits or improve their lives, to make things easier or make something better, solve a problem, fulfill a desire or simply encourage and care.

The wonderful thing about uplifting service is how it comes back to serve you. This is not a “one for one” negotiation that can be calculated in advance. Rather, uplifting service is a generous place to stand in life, an orientation that starts with giving, and is comfortably open to receive. What you get back may be good feelings, like confidence, energy and joy. It may be generosity returned in the care and actions of other people. Or it may be that magical appearance of unexpected good things that you do not anticipate and cannot expect, small (and large) miracles that happen every day.

I hope you will join me in making this your intention for 2011: a year of giving, caring, generosity towards others in action and in spirit, a year of uplifting service. I look forward to sharing this year with you.

With warm regards,

Ron Kaufman

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