It’s Your Turn to Speak Up Today (and be Rewarded)

By: Ron Kaufman

Speak up today and be rewarded! What is your point of view about our point of view that service is the reason we are here? Do you agree (or disagree) with our definition that service is taking action to create value for someone else? What is your opinion about the teaching of UP! Your Service and Ron Kaufman?  Share your thoughts, and get a complimentary copy of one of the best customer service books in the industry.

Your comments can be valuable for people everywhere to read.


speak up today


To say thank you for contributing your ideas, we are giving away a free e-book to be enjoyed when you write a comment, post a review, or share a recommendation.

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Contribute your thoughts today and enjoy this free e-book; “Service With A Smile” with our thanks!

speak up today

Fans and friends all over the world will benefit from reading your thoughts and opinions.

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