The Ultimate Value Dimension

By: Ron Kaufman

The ultimate in Uplifting Service is giving each customer what they want, exactly when and how they want it. This special level of one-to-one service matches every customer value dimension and features these seven characteristics:

1. You treat each customer as a unique individual, not as a member of some demographic or psychographic group.

2. Your service becomes more personalized over time. Each interaction is increasingly valuable for the customer. (Keeping the customer is more valuable for you, too.)

3. You build a learning relationship with each customer, discovering what they prefer in the present and delivering it in the future.

4. You help customers get to know you and work with you better. They become more efficient customers, understanding how to use your systems and your services to their advantage.

5. Your dialog with each customer is ongoing and deepening in nature. You observe their usage patterns and make adjustments or recommendations accordingly.

6. You ask for, and act upon, customer feedback. You show the customer how their recommendations have changed and improved the business. This builds loyalty both ways.

7. If the customer needs something you do not provide, you recommend someone who can provide that service. Customer loyalty still accrues to you as a valued and trusted service provider.