Watch Customer Service Keynote Speaker Ron Kaufman interview LUX* CEO Paul Jones

By: Ron Kaufman

Enjoy this wide ranging interview with hospitality legend and pioneer Mr. Paul Jones. Paul began his career as a hospitality student in 1965, worked with Sun Resorts worldwide for more than 20 years, created and led the One & Only brand, and then led the formation of LUX* Resorts and Hotels.

In this interview, Paul offers insights on ways to improve customer service, emphasizing the importance of building a powerful service culture.  He also offers tips on building a new brand in the hospitality industry, and shares sage advice for anyone seeking to succeed in this dynamic and global profession.

“I thought that it was an opportunity to demonstrate what I’ve long believed and that it’s not about the hardware. But it’s all about what is commonly known as the software… the people of the hotel business. The front line people who deliver the service and create a special interaction with the guests”

“You can have hardware that’s not absolutely brand-spanking new or absolutely perfect everywhere, and deliver an amazing experience and score very highly with the guests.”

LUX*: Staging a Service Revolution in a Resort Chain

Watch Ron Kaufman Interview

Explore the full 16-page academic case study of LUX* Resorts by Professor Jochen Wirtz and Motivational Keynote Speaker, Ron Kaufman, as published in the MBA Textbook “Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy, 8th edition”.

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