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Out of the Blue and into the City of San Bernardino


Out of the blue came an impassioned two page plea from a California policeman, Richard Lawhead (yes, that is his real name), who works in a bankrupt city (San Bernardino) asking if there might be any way that I could contribute to their well-being and uplift the spirit of city employees. My wife Jen and I were so touched by his sincerity that we visited last week and gave a series of presentations at no charge. (Sometimes that’s the right thing to do.)

The experience was incredibly moving for us, and for them. And the Chief of Police gave Jen a REAL police badge as a gesture of appreciation – so watch out everyone, Jen’s always been stunning, but now she is “arresting”!

Customer service expert presents vision of success to employees_Page_1
Customer service expert presents vision of success to employees_Page_2
Original Letter from Rich Lawhead_Page_1
Original Letter from Rich Lawhead_Page_2

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