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Delta Airlines Keeps Stepping UP!

Delta Air Lines is one of largest carriers in the world, with more than 80,000 employees, 250,000 passengers a day, and 5,000 daily flights touching six continents. Enjoy this one minute UPLIFTING video advert.

UP. A short word, but it’s a tall order. Stand UP. Get UP. Step UP.

UP demands that you rise to rise to the challenge. UP your game. UP the ante. And if you stumble, you get back UP, then raise your self higher than before.

It’s not easy. And not everyone is UP to it. That is, up to UP. But we are. Because we are in the business of UP. Every day Delta flies a quarter of a million people to 330 destinations worldwide, while investing billions of dollars improving everything from booking to baggage claim.

We’re raising the bar on flying. You could say we’re upping UP.

And tomorrow we will UP it yet again.

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