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“HOW NOT TO DIE” is a fabulous book. Well worth reading and giving to others you care about.

I want to tell you about a book that we love so much my wife and I have given away more than a hundred copies to friends, clients and family members.

The book is called ‘How Not to Die’ and it’s a provocative title. But it’s supposed to be because it’s really important and very personal for you, for those you love, and for those you’d like to have around you for many years to come.

The book is written by Dr. Michael Greger, a medical doctor who is passionate about what he calls ‘Evidence Based Nutrition’. Every year, he and his team do a ton of research and they make it all available in an entertaining manner for free at www.NutritionFacts.org

Greger had a grandmother he loved, who was on death’s door in her 60s. She’d been through pharmacy and surgery and then it was time to go. So, they sent her somewhere where they fed her a vegetarian diet and the woman lived to 96, long enough to see him graduate from medical school.

When he got to medical school, he discovered that there was no education about nutrition. And yet the science of nutrition was unmistakable. But the pharmaceutical industry, the medical equipment industry, the hospital industry wasn’t going to make any money on nutrition. So, he didn’t hear much about it in medical school.

He decided to focus on the science, especially clinically controlled, double-blind, placebo inclusive large data set studies. And every year, he and his team dig through the research and figured out all the findings and bring it to people like you and me, so we don’t have to go do that research.

Basically, what does it say? Eat more fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, beans. And if you really want to take your health seriously, cut back or stop eating animal products – meat, fish, eggs, dairy.

Now, here’s the really great part. This guy is seriously funny. Now look, I’m a professional speaker. So, I know what a good speaker is and does, but I’m blown away. I’m amazed at how he takes scientific data and human health, puts them together and then presents it in a way that makes me learn and makes me laugh.

So many of his videos are on YouTube and go there, you’ll see what I mean. My favorite is called ‘More than an apple a day’. Find it, watch it, enjoy.

You know what? His writing is just as good. I was on an airplane reading ‘How Not to Die’ and giggling in my seat. The guy next to me looks over and goes, “Comedy?” I said, “No, nutrition.”

3,306 5-star reviews on Amazon. This is a book worth reading.

Now, why do I care so much about this and why am I making this video? I had a personal experience. I had a high cholesterol rating and the doctor said, “We want to give you statins.”

I tried that once before and I had a very bad adverse reaction. So, what am I going to do? Well, you know what I did? I went to www.NutritionFacts.org and I looked up statins.

And what did I learn about? Gooseberries! Gooseberries. So, it turns out I tried it and my cholesterol dropped like a rock.

Now, we’ve given away these books to our friends, to our family members, anybody who had a health issue, and every single time, not only have they gotten better but they are feeling so much better.

And of course, there is an ecological impact to consider. We know that cows are inefficient. Pigs and chickens mean raising and killing animals as an industry. And commercial fishing, well, it’s got a really big impact on our oceans.

Full disclosure: I’m an active scuba diver. And I prefer to see my fish in the ocean rather than on my plate.

But the other reason that I’m encouraging you to read this book is that I care. I care about love. I care about life.

And it matters to me that someone wants to help people live better lives as a calling.

Dr. Greger’s revenues from his books and speeches goes into www.NutritionFacts.org so, they can do more research, create more books, more videos, and help more people.

So, if there’s someone that you care about, who has an issue with health or simply wants to live longer and feel better, then visit the site. Enjoy the videos and read the books.

And thanks to you, Dr. Greger, for being so passionate, so precise, and so generous with your work.

‘How Not to Die’ has given me a lot of good advice about how to live longer and feel better. I hope it helps you too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ron Kaufman is the New York Times bestselling author of “UPLIFTING SERVICE: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet”, and is the founder of Uplifting Service.

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