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Set Apart by Service Excellence

Service excellence is what has set Xerox Emirates apart from the rest in the industry, where providing its customers' the best service experience possible continues to be the company's premier priority.

Xerox Emirates, the market leader in Technology, Document Management and Consulting Services, hosted an evening reception that was attended by corporate clients, and featured Service Excellence Guru Ron Kaufman as a guest speaker.

Ron Kaufman is one of the world’s leading educators and motivators for partnerships and quality customer service.

He is the founder of Uplifting Service and has worked with many organizations around the world helping them achieve superior customer service, increase customer loyalty, and create winning service cultures.

Xerox Emirates staff has recently invested their time into further improving this service excellence by attending Uplifting Service workshops.

Service excellence is what has set Xerox Emirates apart from the rest in the industry, where providing its customers’ the best service experience possible continues to be the company’s premier priority.

“We place considerable emphasis on our customers’ needs,” said Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates as he addressed his guests at the event. “In today’s fast paced and competitive market, Service Excellence is seen as a key differentiator and competitive advantage hence the investment to build a strong service culture. With this focus on service excellence we can develop programs and initiatives to improve the customer experience. We are committed to set new standards of excellence in customer service through the new skills we have acquired with Ron”.

Xerox Emirates’ excellence in service was recognised numerous times during the past few years, especially when awarded the Business Excellence Certification in 1993; the Dubai Quality Award in 1996 and 2005; and the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award in 2005.

Mr. Kaufman also shared his high energy, uplifting presentation with guests, where attendees were able to discover how vitally important service excellence is and how it is no longer an option but a necessity for all businesses.

Commenting on Xerox Emirates’ commitment and participation in UYSC, Mr. Kaufman said, “Xerox is taking a bold step forward to building a superior service culture with their participation in UP Your Service! College. The program has given them the skills and knowledge to upgrade service performance, improve service delivery to customers and raise the bar on service standards”.

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