Reflections on a Birthday in 2014

By: Ron Kaufman

I was born 58 years ago in Connecticut in the USA. My parents welcomed me into a growing family with a deep commitment to academics and achievement. I was an energetic child, full of ideas and mischief – and a warm heart.

The Kaufman Family

Today I have the pleasure of looking back and remembering years of international study, travel, projects, special events, and always incredible people. Life has been a blessing filled with excitement and challenges, lessons and rewards. I am grateful to all and everyone – your lives contribute to making mine worth living.

Ron & Jen Kaufman

Ten years ago I met my wife, Jen, while scuba diving in Western Australia. We have been together ever since. She is the love of my life and the woman of my world. Jen anchors my sanity and cuddles my well-being.

Ron and Brighten Kaufman

Eighteen years ago, Brighten Sabriya Kaufman was born. She appeared a miracle in my life and has since blossomed into the magic of her own. I will always be her devoted dad; a believer in her abilities and a champion for her cause.

Ron Kaufman in 2014

This year completes a cycle and sets a new stage for contribution and being in the world. I look forward to the adventures ahead and to serving with you as we grow in life together.