Air Mauritius

The 4-Star Turnaround: How a Struggling Island Airline Revolutionized Service—and the Lessons YOU Can Learn From Its Story

Two years ago, this island airline struggled with a $30 million loss, mediocre service ratings, and bad morale. Thanks to a dramatic culture shift, it’s profitable again and has earned the prestigious 4-star Skytrax rating. Uplifting Service worked closely with Air Mauritius on the service excellence initiative. This eight page case study lays out some lessons all companies can learn from its example.

Air Mauritius’ Plan for Increased Profitability through Service Excellence

Air Mauritius is successfully executing a 7 Step Plan for increased profitability through service excellence

Ron Kaufman recognized as the world’s leading motivational speaker in the customer service field, was invited to Mauritius by the national airline, Air Mauritius, to lead a work shop on Tuesday. Executives and CEO’s of many of the top companies were present for the event, held at the Swami Vivekananda International convention Centre.

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