What is Service Education?

Service education leads to creative thinking and practical action.This action produces new and greater service value. What happens in effective service education? 1. A new understanding of service value Service education shifts … Read More

The Experience Economy

I have just dialed into a large (very large) retail organization to check on a pending order.  I am greeted by an interactive voice response (IVR) system. I only need an answer … Read More

Service as a Citizen of the World

Many of us enjoy doing business with people from countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds that are different from our own. This brings into our lives, and the lives of those we serve, a … Read More

Marketing What Matters in Service

The idea that customer service IS marketing is increasingly discussed. The success of Zappos.com through word-of-mouth about the remarkable service it provides is often cited as an example. Organizations are told to … Read More