What is Service Education?

Service education leads to creative thinking and practical action.This action produces new and greater service value. What happens in effective service education? 1. A new understanding of service value Service education shifts … Read More

SWIFT in Singapore: “What is Service?”

Transcript of “What is Service?”, from a keynote speech by Ron Kaufman for the SWIFT Operational Forum Asia event in Singapore. We are in The Financial Services Industry. All of your organizations, … Read More

The Many Fields of Service

My entire professional life has been in Sales and Marketing, the many fields of service and customer experience. In the early years, I juggled the responsibilities of single motherhood and of a … Read More

A Personal Path to Service

For the past 40 years I have been on a mission to improve the world. The vision that motivates and sustains me is a world in which everyone is educated and inspired … Read More

My Grandmother was unusual. What Was Yours Like?

Unusual people and events have powerfully shaped my life, and the lessons I’ve learned from them are the roots of my unrelenting passion. My grandmother was my earliest inspiration. She taught kindergarten … Read More