Why is Uplifting Service so important right now?

By: Ron Kaufman

The purpose of customer service in the business world has changed.

Service is no longer a “nice to have”. It has become an absolute commercial necessity. In the past, giving good service was meant to avoid getting complaints and to keep the customers you’ve already got.

Customer service was often treated like a caboose at the end of the train. In other words, it came after marketing, sales, operations, and logistics. Before, you only provided customer service when something else went wrong.

Upset customer would be referred to “the customer service department” where low-level employees would try to close the case with least possible effort and lowest possible cost.

But that view of service is now completely obsolete.

Today, providing excellent service is a differentiator. Uplifting service gives you an edge to win in the market, earns higher margins, secures greater loyalty, and claims a greater share of wallet and bigger market share.

Developing a strong service culture gives companies sustainable competitive advantage. To stand out from the competition, companies must distinguish themselves with a strong service culture. To suceed, ompanies’ cultures must put an emphasis on upliting service and a commercial reputation for superior service.

The world is flatter today than in the past.

We all work in a more global context and must respond to new competition. How do we do that? With better communication, innovation, flexibility, and speed. In today’s world, people simply need to work more effectively with each other. And not by merely going to work and doing their jobs, but by actually helping each other – customers and colleagues – to succeed.

Helping someone else succeed is uplifting service.

When your people focus on improving what they do for other people, and not just on meeting their metrics or following procedures, a passion for serving others can become a driver for success.

When this happens across an entire organization, when everyone commits to uplifting their service to each other, then a service culture can take root and grow. The culture grows more attractive for customers and more rewarding for employees. The culture becomes a differentiating advantage that is difficult for other organizations to copy.

Service culture builds sustainable competitive advantage.