Amazing infographic captures Ron Kaufman on the Secrets of Superior Service in blazing color

By: Ron Kaufman

Every once in a while I meet a person who loves their craft and works their love. It can be a chef, carpenter, dentist, lawyer, musician. It could be you. Recently in Hanoi I spoke for the Australian insurance company Asteron Life on “The Secrets of Superior Service”, and Jessamy Gee was there. Jessamy does with colorful markers what Yo-Yo Ma does with a cello and Julia Childs did with butter.

Jessamy listened to the words and felt the tone. Then she imagined each service point in color, and drew. In the same time it took to speak (90 minutes), Jessamy produced three beautiful infographics capturing each Key Learning Point in my presentation.

How she managed to get every point so clearly still amazes me today.

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Infographic on The Secrets of Superior Service by Ron Kaufman, drawn and colored by Jessamy Gee.