5 reasons why Ron Kaufman’s bestselling book is titled “Uplifting Service”

By: Ron Kaufman
Ron Kaufman Bestselling Book “Uplifting Service” is a guide book for all service industries


There are 5 reasons why Ron Kaufman’s bestselling book is entitled “Uplifting Service” and they are all perfectly aligned.

1. Uplift Customer Experience. The book is filled on ways to improve customer service and customer relationship management through principles and practical ideas, illustrations, and examples from all over the world.

2. Uplift Service Providers. Provide insights and activities that build pride and improve internal service.

3. Uplift Company Culture. Create an environment that educates, engages, and encourages every employee to step, develop customer service skills, and deliver better

4. Uplift the World. We can all benefit from a world that is more uplifting, where we serve each other in our companies, communities, cities, and countries. That’s why we have the vision at UP! Your Service of: “Our world where everyone is educated and inspired to excel in service.”

5. Uplift the Dignity of Being IN Service to Others. Being in service is not downgrading or demeaning. We are uplifting the spirit and practice of being in service to each other, making life a better experience for everyone.

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