Build a Superior Service Culture

This blog is an open conversation for sharing insights, examples and ideas on how to build a Superior Service Culture. This is a community space to share experiences, stimulate thinking and explore different points of view. We will share our … Read More

How Does Singapore Airlines Fly
So High?

As a professional speaker, I often share stories and examples of companies that deliver great service. One company that’s easy to talk about is Singapore Airlines. Profitable every year since the beginning, Singapore Airlines (SIA) frequently wins international awards for … Read More

A Common Service Language –
Essential But Uncommon

A common language enables effective coordination of action. Software developers use common terms, like bug reports and freezing code. When new software comes out, they say the old one has reached the “end of life”. Insurance agents also share a … Read More

Service Leaders Shape the Flow

Every culture shares a common language, a set of practices, traditions, stories, strategies and standards. These common elements influence and shape human behavior. They keep us in the flow of a discourse that already exists. We are all born into … Read More

Customer Experience 1.0 to 6.0.
Where are you today?

Improving Customer Experience (CEX) is vital for success. While the term is common, maturity in this area is not. We classify an organization’s attitude and actions from Version 1.0 to 6.0. Where are you today? Customer Experience 1.0 WAIT FOR … Read More

Customer Focused Surveys (Part Two)

Idea #3:  Your survey must drive action, not settle for analysis only Your customer survey must drive new action inside your organization. Don’t allow your survey process to become disconnected from the practical levers of power. You have a problem … Read More

Customer Focused Surveys (Part Three)

Idea #5: Survey and roll up (drilling down may be too late) Customer focused surveys frequently collect data that is customer-specific. This ensures a regular flow of insights that lead to action. Common insights from these frequent surveys can be … Read More

The manager’s role in service education

Managers are the essential link between service education programs and the results your organization wants to achieve. As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure educational courses create value for your team members, and your team members create even … Read More