Take a Service Action that Starts a Chain Reaction

As service providers, we go to work each day and think about the customers and colleagues we serve. We listen, ask questions, and try to understand. Then we take action to answer questions, solve problems, and satisfy needs. When we succeed … Read More

Five Major Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

2014 will bring changes, opportunities and dangers for your business. Industries are collapsing, careers are converging, and work is migrating or disappearing altogether. Each of us must orient ourselves in a world of constant disorientation, and find new ways to … Read More

Your Service Vision Has Got To Be ENGAGING! (Part Two)

Part One of this article is available here. An Engaging Service Vision is captivating, motivating, challenging, and uplifting. Creating your Engaging Service Vision is an essential step in building a service culture that deserves senior leadership attention. When John F. Kennedy … Read More

Your Service Vision Has Got To Be ENGAGING! (Part One)

Your Service Vision Has Got To Be ENGAGING! An Engaging Service Vision energizes everyone to focus and fulfill a powerful promise of service. A boring service vision puts people to sleep. An Engaging Service Vision wakes people up, turns people … Read More

What are the 9 (plus 1) Behaviors of Truly Loyal Customers?

There is a big difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is always an opinion, assessment, snapshot. It’s the answer to the question, looking back in time, “Are you happy with what we have done for you?” Have … Read More

The Six Signs of a Second Rate Service Culture

In our work with organizations all over the world, we encounter six signs of substandard service culture. Each of these signs can defeat the best intentions of service leaders and degrade the best effort of service providers. Do any of … Read More

Why is Uplifting Service so important right now?

The purpose of customer service in the business world has changed. Service is no longer a “nice to have”. It has become an absolute commercial necessity. In the past, giving good service was a merely a hygiene factor, something you … Read More

5 Stealth Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun

This article was published by Chester Elton on LinkedIn. I have flown millions of miles on several airlines, which means some weeks I spend more time in the air than on the ground. While most of the time I find … Read More