8 Edgy Quotes and Notes to Gain a Customer Experience Edge

The recent Customer Experience Conference in New York was one of the best I have attended, so far. The speakers and ideas presented were world-class. Enjoy this collection of quotes and notes from The Conference Board’s annual event. 1. “Can … Read More

The Elevator Essay – by Brighten Kaufman

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Delta Airlines Keeps Stepping UP!

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“Liberating” Staff and Improving Service at Seattle Center

By Karin Butler, Strategic Advisor, Seattle Center Some of the most valuable ideas for improving customer service in any organization come directly from staff, who see and understand opportunities and obstacles first hand through their daily work and customer interactions.But … Read More

“The Frisbee Diplomat” about Ron Kaufman in 1987

Read article: “The Frisbee Diplomat” about Ron Kaufman by Ellie Kahn. Back in 1987, I was organizing Frisbee Festivals and international tours to China and the Soviet Union. Using Frisbees as a passport to connect in foreign lands, I brought … Read More

Three Top Tips for Terrific Times in Travel

Three Top Tips for Terrific Times in Travel I travel a lot, sometimes spending more time in the air than on the ground, and more days away from home than at home. When people learn how much I travel, they … Read More