The Leader’s Role in Service Education

Service education is only effective when learners take new actions to create more value for customers and colleagues. As a leader, you have a personal responsibility to ensure that new learning is ‘put to work’ on a daily basis. Here … Read More

10 Reasons Why Customer Complaints Are Good News (Part Two)

Read Part One here 6. Fuel for an Uplifting Service Culture Complaints can work as a trigger for taking new action and catalyzing positive change. Sharing customer complaints throughout the organization educates everyone to understand what your customers experience, expect … Read More

10 Reasons Why Customer Complaints Are Good News (Part One)

When things go wrong, your customers will complain. Surprisingly, this can be good for you and constructive for your organization. Here are 10 ways customer complaints can benefit you and your organization. 1. Identify Vital Areas for Service Improvement Customer … Read More

How to craft a unique and powerful service vision?

Your service vision should be unique and powerful. Customers should hear it and say, “Yes! This is who you are.” Employees should read it and say, “Yes! This is who we want to be.” Organizations often have written statements declaring … Read More

14 questions to ask when building a service culture

Is our leadership team in agreement on key business goals and priorities? Do they understand the importance of a strong service culture to achieve these goals? Do our service training programs teach the same fundamental principles to the entire organization? … Read More

Focusing with service improvement focus groups

Focus groups require planning and expertise but they can be a gold-mine of valuable service improvement ideas, insights and suggestions. Bring together a group of selected customers for a sincere, open-ended conversation. Set them at ease and get them talking … Read More

Does your organizational structure work?

The right organizational structure facilitates superior service, sharing of views, rapid decisions, flexible execution and quick responses to unexpected opportunities or problems. ‘Chain of command’ may be good for a marching army, but it has real limitations for creating new … Read More

11 steps towards a culture for service recovery

Leading organizations in many industries have sharpened service recovery into a potent competitive edge. They understand the power of effective recovery as a customer retaining and employee engaging technique. To build a powerful culture of service recovery in your organization, … Read More

The ultimate value dimension

The ultimate in UP! Your Service is giving each customer what they want, exactly when and how they want it. This special level of one-to-one service matches every customer value dimension and features these seven characteristics: 1. You treat each … Read More