Everyone Can Do Service Benchmarking

Traditional business benchmarking is a high-level activity with careful target selection, substantial pre-visit planning, and a rigorous process of post-visit evaluation and implementation. You can do this, too. But don’t let a thorough and detailed approach stop you from encouraging a much simpler … Read More

No One Ever Hung A Suggestion Box Hoping It Would Be Ignored

Keep Your Service Improvement Process Fresh and Flowing Voice of the Customer will help you hear what your customers and colleagues want. Service Measures and Metrics will help you track what they need. Service Improvement Process—ensures you will create and … Read More

Service Creativity in a Coffee Cup

The customer service superstars at LUX* Cafe in Maldives have done it again! Check out these amazing cappuccino foam creations. The cup above was created to help a European suitor surprise and convince the love of his life to become … Read More

Growing Your Business with Service Recovery

No one has a perfect record when it comes to delivering service. You will have unhappy customers, and you will receive complaints. With social networking, viral videos, and bad news traveling fast, one angry customer can leave a lasting stain … Read More

Do Service Recruitment Job Descriptions Matter?

Guest Post by Tom Moran Principal Program Manager at Microsoft When you think of a great customer experience, why do LL Bean and USAA immediately spring to mind?  What makes JetBlue so much better than United?  Why is Apple such … Read More

Take a Service Action that Starts a Chain Reaction

As service providers, we go to work each day and think about the customers and colleagues we serve. We listen, ask questions, and try to understand. Then we take action to answer questions, solve problems, and satisfy needs. When we succeed … Read More

Five Major Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

2014 will bring changes, opportunities and dangers for your business. Industries are collapsing, careers are converging, and work is migrating or disappearing altogether. Each of us must orient ourselves in a world of constant disorientation, and find new ways to … Read More

Your Service Vision Has Got To Be ENGAGING! (Part Two)

Part One of this article is available here. An Engaging Service Vision is captivating, motivating, challenging, and uplifting. Creating your Engaging Service Vision is an essential step in building a service culture that deserves senior leadership attention. When John F. Kennedy … Read More