Service Earns a Higher Premium

Ron Kaufman is frequently interviewed for his insights on improving service performance and building uplifting service cultures.

Why Training Misses The Mark

A Successful Service Culture Begins with Education, Not Mere Training

The differences between customer service training and service education result in two distinctly different types of service. Ron Kaufman shares the important points to consider about service education.

Better Customer, Better Service

TV Interview: Uplifting Service in America

Engaging and upbeat interview on national TV. Useful tips to help you get better service in life, with great advice about what to do when service fails.

Misguided Metrics of Success

TV Interview: Financial Crisis with Mary Nelson

What is wrong with banking today? Why did we thunder off a cliff into a global financial crisis? Ron Kaufman says that problem stems from misguided metrics of success.

Ron Kaufman Interviewed on The Morning Blend

Challenges in Customer Service

TV Interview: The Customer Service Conundrum

An engaging discussion with Bill Moller about the challenges in customer service and experience facing businesses today. What are the steps any organization can take to build an Uplifting Service Culture?

Ron Kaufman Interviewed on First Business

7 Tips For Happier Traveling

TV Interview: How to Get Better Service When You Fly

An enlightening conversation on Fox News Live. Understand why the customer have a huge impact on the quality of service, and what they can do to receive Uplifting Service.

Ron Kaufman Interview at Fox News

Ron Visits Harvard Business School

Ron Kaufman of UpYourService! A brief summary of the event that was held September 12th

On the evening of September 12th, Ron Kaufman delivered the complete package of thought provoking information and actionable structures for Actionable Service Education at HBS.

Ron Kaufman Visit at Harvard Business School

Training vs. Educating

Service Education and Service Training – Is There a Difference?

Service expert Ron Kaufman believes excellent service stems from the ‘service culture’ of an organization – and that ‘service education’ is very different from ‘service training’.

Ron Kaufman Visit at Harvard Business School

Taking Service To The Next Level

Uplifting Your Service

Ron Kaufman says changing the negative perception of service has to come from within each organization. He explores the fundamentals of service and how companies can go about building the foundations of making service part of their organizational culture.

UpLifting Service hrmASIA


The Science of Service

Either it could be relegated to clichés like “the customer is always right” or it could be the foundation on which a company is built—to differentiate on service rather than product or price. In an email interview, Ron Kaufman tells Mint about the benefits of giving more, since what goes around comes around.

UpLifting Service hrmASIA

Making The Most of Complaints

Serve UP Satisfaction: Take 10 tips for handling complaints

You and your customers are both on the same side. Ron Kaufman shares10 tips for handling complaints.

Sales and Service Excellence

Service In The Face of Crisis

How to Turn Disasters into Customer Service Wins

Ron Kaufman discusses a few Uplifting Service best practices that can help travel agents provide impeccable service to their clients—even, and especially, when facing a crisis.

Travel Market Report

Customer Service Innovations

Airport Avatar Enters Brave New World of Customer Service

Travelers coming through the New York City area’s three airports—La Guardia, JFK, and Newark—might soon feel the need to double check that they aren’t walking through the set of a science fiction movie. That’s because the airports are introducing some high-tech help in the form of “Ava”—a life-sized, computer-generated female avatar. She’ll provide answers to airport patrons’ common questions.

Seattle Business

How Service Training Falls Short

Train in Vain: Why Your Customer Service Training May Be Missing the Mark

In an age when a customer’s unhappy experience with a company can go viral mere minutes after it occurred – and when customers regularly take to the Internet to publicize their great and not-so-great experiences – you understand the importance of superior customer service. Of course you do. That’s why you budget hundreds of thousands of dollars for customer service initiatives and put new and old employees through regular training. So why are the results only average?

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

Be Agreeable Without Groveling

Say What? Five Quick Scripts For Responding to Customer Complaints

The last thing a customer with a complaint wants to hear you say is: "You're wrong." They want you to understand and appreciate them. Ron Kaufman shares five scripts you can use to respond to customer complaints effectively.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

Eight Secrets of Superior Service

Service Matters Most: Especially in challenging times

As the wind of economic cycles blows hard, some managers try to contain costs by cutting corners on customer service. This is the wrong thing to do. Giving good service in tough times makes good business sense. In this interview, Ron Kaufman shares eight proven principles organizations can use.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

More Than A "Botak Ang Moh"

The Spirit of Ron Kaufman

In this interview, Ron Kaufman talks about his contribution to design and the launch of a national service education program in Singapore.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine


Change in service mindset is needed: Training is not enough: staff need to think creatively to apply what they have learnt

Training is not enough, a staff needs to think creatively to apply what they have learned. This method allows them to react effectively and creatively to different people, and scenarios. Ron Kaufman shares why building a service culture will naturally add value to customers.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine


This Way Up!

In this interview, Ron Kaufman shared his passion for customer service education, and his determination to spread the Uplifting Service message effectively to make the world a better served place.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

The Missing Element in Education

The One Thing You Didn’t Learn: If we want our employees to delight our customers, we have to teach them how

Inside many of the world’s most respected companies, employees receive skills training, safety training, communications training, and all sorts of educational opportunities. These are all important components of employee development, but where is service?

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

Bad Service? Share the Blame.

Eight Ways to Receive Better Customer Service

A look at why good customer service sometimes starts with the customer and how you can use your power as a consumer (and a bit of old-fashioned kindness) to improve your service experiences.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

Change your Service Perspective

Why Customer Complaints Are Good for Business

Customer complaints may be the most valuable asset travel sellers don’t know they have. You can learn from complaints and use them to improve your business.

Ron Kaufman in the Chicago Agent Magazine

The Danger of Dismissing Service

Upping service stake in IT

When is the last time you gave much thought to customer service? If you do not interact with customers very often, it is probably not a high priority for you. However, downplaying customer service or ignoring it altogether could have serious ramifications for your company. Luckily, Ron Kaufman is here to help.

It in Canada

India's Path to Great Service

Uplifting Service

Ron Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Uplifting Service, and author of the bestselling ‘Uplifting Service’, talks to Culturama in an exclusive interview of India’s path and role in building an effective service culture.

Ron Kaufman Interviewed on Culturama

Ron Kaufman in Bangalore

Eminent Service Leadership Guru Ron Kaufman Presents You With a Proven Path to Uplifting Your Service This July 13th

What do Singapore Airlines, Changi International Airport, BMW, Starbucks, 3M and scores of other companies have in common? They are all high-profile organizations; they command great respect for their service; and they probably wouldn't be where they are today without Ron Kaufman, world-renowned educator and motivator, author and founder of 'Uplifting Service'.

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

Attention-Grabbing Service

At Your Service

Attending a Ron Kaufman seminar on ‘Uplifting Service’ is like being swept away by a mental tornado. Your ideas and creative instincts are stirred, dusted and given such a violent shakedown that you emerge feeling gloriously invigorated – mentally fresh, your mind brimming over with new concepts and thoughts.

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

Service in a Faceless E-Conomy

Customer service requires a human touch

We may be entering the age of the faceless organisation. Ron Kaufman, consultant to global corporate houses and acclaimed author, gives his own take on the form and format of customer service of the future.

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

Service: A Competitive Advantage

How Field Service Companies Can Use Great Customer Relations to Beat the Big Boys

From increasing customer goodwill and maintaining your reputation to spotting new sales opportunities, service plays a truly vital (and sometimes overlooked) role in business. But what does great service look like, and how can smaller service firms get there?

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

The Inescapable Service Industry

We Are All In the Business of Customer Service

Internationally acclaimed guru on best global service practices, Ron Kaufman, has been traveling the globe extensively for the last 20 years conducting seminars and helping organisations around the world achieve superior service, increase customer loyalty, create strong partnerships and build winning teams.

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

Surpassing Rising Expectations

How To Build a Better Customer Service Culture in Your Business

A strong service culture leads to sustained improvements to customer experience, and a sustainable competitive advantage for organisations. But where do you start?

Ron Kaufman in the News at PR Newswire

Set Apart By Service Excellence

Xerox Emirates links up with Service Excellence Guru Ron Kaufman and honors its customers

Service excellence is what has set Xerox Emirates apart from the rest in the industry, where providing its customers' the best service experience possible continues to be the company's premier priority.

AME Info

The Upside to Competitive Service

TV Interview: The Benefits of Uplifting Service Culture

Ron Kaufman explains why a superior service culture is needed for organizations to stay competitive and talks about the benefits it brings to an organization and its employees.

AME Info

Service's Impact on Performance

TV Interview: How an Uplifting Service Culture Benefits Team Performance

Ron Kaufman talks about how a service culture benefits your customers and the impact it has on team performance in this interview from The Adecco Better Work, Better Life Interview Series.

Ron Kaufman Interviewed on Adecco

Uplifting Service

Human Resources Online: Uplifting Service

In a world completely consumed by services, it’s crucial to know how to find success by keeping people happy. Yet without a proven way of working, author Ron Kaufman notes a disconnection between the high volume and good quality service present in our society.

Ron Kaufman Interviewed on Adecco