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Motivational Speaker Ron Kaufman discusses what it means to be a service leader in an organization that is committed to differentiate from competition by building an uplifting service culture.

Leadership can be expressed at every level of the organization. It is not necessary to be at the top of the hierarchy to take the lead in delivering service excellence. This keynote speech makes it clear that everyone, in every role, and at every level, can help lead an organization to excellence in service.

The Seven Rules of Service Leadership are specific behaviors that great leaders of service organizations consistently demonstrate.

Rule #1: Declare Service a Top Priority
A leader needs to declare that ‘service’ is a top priority. This is essential when you are looking at changing the culture of an organization. You can declare service as a top priority by putting it on the agenda first. This declaration should reflect in your company literature, workshops, promotions and advertising etc.

Rule #2: Be a Great Role Model (Walk the Talk)
Walking the talk is critical for an organizational leader when it comes to service. Actions speak louder than words. Leaders must prove via actions as well as speech that they are fully committed to being an uplifting service leader.

Rule #3: Promote a Common Service Language
Successful leaders promote a common service language across the organization. To build an uplifting service culture, leaders should promote a language that everyone can understand and apply.

Rule #4: Measure what Really Matters
When you are building an uplifting service culture, leaders must communicate clearly to team members what really matters. Successful service leaders know what really matters is counting the number of new service ideas and new service actions that create greater value for customers and for colleagues.

Rule #5: Enable and Empower your Team
Empowering your team is the right thing to do, but leaders must also take responsibility to keep team members from making bad decisions. A great service leader builds service competencies and confidence in his team.

Rule #6: Remove Roadblocks to Better Service
Many frontline staff diligently follow rules, policies, and procedures. But sometimes these “rules” can become roadblocks, preventing team members from providing better service. Successful service leaders know that rules must be reviewed, revised, or removed from time to time to allow for truly uplifting service.

Rule #7: Sustain Focus and Enthusiasm for Service
Keeping your organization’s focus on delivering service excellence is an ongoing effort. This requires much more than simply teaching or motivating your staff. It requires an ongoing commitment education, encouragement, and continuous cultural reinforcement.


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