Motivational Service Excellence Keynote Speaker in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ron Kaufman is one of the world’s leading motivational keynote speakers on the topics of achieving service excellence, increasing customer satisfaction, retaining loyal customers, and building sustainable service cultures. Rated one of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker magazine, Ron presents powerful insights and global best practices from working with clients in every industry and on every continent for more than thirty years. His energetic keynote speeches have inspired millions, frequently earning standing ovations from audiences of all ages. In 2018, GlobalGurus rated Ron the #1 customer service guru in the world. Ron travels worldwide to speak at company meetings, industry conferences, and association events throughout the year.

Ron is author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, “Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet” and 14 other books on service, business and inspiration. He is the founder of UP! Your Service, a global education and consulting company that enables leaders and organizations to build sustainable cultures that win the hearts and minds of customers, colleagues, and partners.


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General Information

General Information about Riyadh for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is located in the southern Najd region and is the country’s most populous city, with over five million inhabitants. It is the commercial and administrative center of Saudi Arabia and hosts the headquarters of a large part of the most important companies from the country. Many government ministries and public services headquarters are also located here, making the public sector Riyadh’s largest employer. Over one third of the city’s residents work in governmental positions and more than half of Riyadh’s total production of services and goods comes from these sources. The city is famous for its modern business districts of Olaya and Suleimaniyah, which contain the offices of most of the important companies as well as the best hotels in the city, and for its two imposing skyscrapers, the Faisaliah Tower, located on the southern side of Olaya, and the Kingdom Center, on the northern side. Riyadh is home to over 4,000 mosques, various busy shopping centers, and numerous marketplaces (souks). The city is also renowned for its museums, such as the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, opened in 1999 and currently hosting various art collections which were previously scattered through other institutions, and the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum (Saqr Al-Jazira), containing aircrafts and aviation-related items initially used by the Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Riyadh as a Conference Destination

Riyadh is a major center for conventions, conferences, summits, and exhibitions. Some of the most important such events include: the Customer Engagement Technology Conference and the Future of Customer Experience in the Finance Sector – Transforming the Industry with Digital CX, two conferences exploring the role of (digital) technology in improving customer experience and satisfaction; the Annual Kingdom Digital Show, focused on emerging trends in digital technologies; the Global
Ventures Summit, an important venue for startups and young professionals to find funding sources; the HIMSS Saudi Conference and Exhibition, an event focused on advances in healthcare; and the Saudi Trade Finance Summit, a major meeting point for finance directors and senior-level finance executives.

Riyadh Food Options for Conference Delegates

Here are some of the best restaurants you can try in Riyadh: Al Romansiah (Phone: +966 9200 00144), a restaurant renowned for its large selection of Middle Eastern dishes; Azure (Phone: +966 11 288 1234), a Turkish restaurant famous for its seafood dishes and vegetarian soups; Asha's Riyadh Gallery (Phone: +966 11 510 1500), the best Indian restaurant in the city; Yokari (Phone: +966 11 288 6999) and Tokyo (Phone: +966 9200 09662), two Japanese restaurants offering a large selection of amazing dishes; Lusin (Phone: +966 9200 02690) and Al Orjouan (Phone: +966 11 802 8020), Riyadh’s most famous Armenian restaurants; and Roma (Phone: +966 11 464 1133), a stylish Italian place.

Riyadh Attractions for Convention Attendees

Some of the most important tourist attractions you can visit after your conference in Riyadh include: the Al Faisaliya Tower, an imposing skyscraper built in a pyramid shape, containing a high-class hotel, over 150 shops and many business offices; the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, a former palace transformed into a magnificent museum, home to some of the most impressive artworks in Saudi Arabia; the Salam Park Riyadh, a green oasis with palm trees, play areas and a large lake with boats; and the King Abdul Historical Center, offering many exhibitions about the history of various Arab countries and home to the fabulous Masmak Fort, a historical landmark built in 1865.

Conference Center Venues

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a large number of great conference centers and facilities, such as:

APEX Convention Center (Location: Northern Ring Road)
Conference Center (Location: King Khalid International Airport)
KAFD Conference Center (Location: Al Aqiq)
King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center (Location: Al Hada)
King Faisal Conference Hall (Location: King Saud Road)
Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (Location: King Abdullah Road)